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New Home Buying Process

Once you decide to buy a new home, you need to understand the buying process to make your dream into reality
  • Get Pre Approval

    Get your pre-approval first.You will have an accurate feel for what price range you can afford.

  • Select Your Realtor

    Let our dedicated and experienced real estate network work for you. A real estate agent can provide valuable information and help you focus on homes that meet your needs and budget. We can help you find the perfect agent for your needs and location, an agent we know and trust.

  • Find a Home

    Look at potential homes,and ask your Realtor to put an offer and negotiate with seller. Make sure that your Realtor has Appraisal and Financial contingencies on the offer for atleast 2 weeks. Once the offer is “accepted”, you have crossed the first major hurdle in successfully buying a home.

  • Deposit Earnest Money

    Earnest money protects the seller if you back out. It's typically around 1 – 3% of the sale price and is held in an escrow account until the deal is complete. If the deal falls through due to a failed home inspection or any other contingencies listed in the contract, you get your earnest money back.

  • Schedule Home Inspections and negotiate repairs with seller.

    Don’t waste time! Schedule those inspections right away. If the inspector finds problem on the home, you may be able to get the seller to pay for repairs or lower the price. Make sure you complete your inspections in a timely manner and resolve any issues within the time allowed in your purchase contract.

  • Loan Application.

    Fill the Loan application on our portal and upload all required documents.

  • Initial Underwriting.

    We will lock your loan and send you Loan disclosures. Once you sign them,Initial Underwriting process starts. The Underwriter will verify that all information is accurate and authentic.

  • Appraisal order and Title Order.

    We will order the Appraisal with our preferred AMC and Title documents with a Title company. We want to make sure the home is appraised at, or above, the agreed-upon sales price. In case the home is appraised at a lower value than the sale price,your options are as follows:

    a) Renegotiate the Sale price with your seller.

    b) Appeal the appraisal.

    c) Pay the difference in Sale price and Appraisal value along with the minimum down payment and closing costs.

    The title company’s task is to investigate the property’s history of ownership, or chain of title, and identify encumbrances on the title.

  • Obtain Homeowner’s Insurance.

    A homeowners insurance policy is designed to protect you with financial compensation should the house suffer any damage or any house related losses. It always pays to shop around. Especially here, as most do not change their homeowner’s insurance during the entire time they own their house.

  • Conditional Approval.

    Conditional Approval is granted when the Underwriter approves the loan under certain conditions.Submit additional documents for the Loan conditions.

  • Clear to Close.

    The Underwriter verifies that all documentation has been provided and all conditions have been met. Once loan is Clear to Close, approve the Final Closing Documents. Due to new regulations, buyers must sign off on the closing disclosure 3 business days prior to closing.

  • Final Walk-through.

    The final walk-through is typically scheduled within the week leading up to the closing date. Your final walk-through is to ensure that any repairs have been completed as per your contract and that the home is ready to move into.

  • Schedule closing with Title company and Close on Your New Home.

    Get the wire Instructions from the Title attorney and wire the Cash to Close amount on the closing documents a day before closing.
    On the day of the closing, you will need to bring your ID. At the closing table, you will sign all closing documents. Title company will record the transaction and deed. You will be handed the keys to your new house and you are now the proud homeowner.


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